About me (Judy Reid)

About me (Judy Reid)

I was born in Newfoundland, grew-up in Labrador, lived and worked in Scotland, Bosnia, Afghanistan, the oil fields of northern Alberta and now Ottawa where I work as the security officer for ATCO Structures & Logistics, a company which provides facility operations and maintenance, disaster response and military support services around the world.

As to how I got involved in this line of work, I was finishing up my English degree at Dalhousie and working as the editor of the Gazette when I joined the Canadian Forces Reserves. I deployed to Bosnia in 2000 and at the end of my deployment was hired to stay on as a civilian contractor with ATCO. I worked in Bosnia for three years and a few years later in Afghanistan for four, returning to Canada in 2011.

I didn’t realize I might have PTSD until I was home for a couple of years. In 2014, while dealing with the worst of my symptoms and a pending breakup, I drove my newly decorated motorcycle Cupcake, from Ottawa to Newfoundland to stay with my very generous aunts and uncles, and spent part of the summer working at the Dildo Dory Grill (my birthplace – Dildo, not the Grill), clearing some of the land my father left me and my sister, and even taking a stunt workshop with the extras from “Republic of Doyle”.

My recovery from PTSD slowly began after that trip and returning to work in Ottawa. As I mentioned in my show summary, it was taking improv classes in 2017 that brought the most noticeable relief, so much so that I’m donating half of my fringe show profits to the Improv Embassy to help create a program for people dealing with PTSD and anxiety.

This is my very first time performing in the Fringe. Wish me luck!

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